My Journey Towards Skin and Hair Care

I am so excited to be blogging again… with new intention in mind to share my journey through self-care as a mixed chic. My focus in this article will be skin and hair. I come from a multi-ethnic background, I am African American, Native American (Choctaw, Chickasaw… etc.) and of European decent.

Journey through Process…

My sister is my biggest inspiration for health, wealth, beauty and a sound mental state.

Step 1: Kissing Proactive good bye. Hello Mario Badescu Skin Care Website.

I am 25 years old and yes still use Proactive. It is the one product that for me has always made my skin more manageable in preventing outbreaks. Much of my acne that I get is hormonal, so the biggest thing I am trying to avoid as I get older is the consumption of sugar. 😦 It is so hard. I purchased the Mario Badescu Classics Collection kit at Nordstroms for $38. The kit does not come with astringent so I am sticking with my witch hazel. Below are photos of the products and what my skin looked like after my first day trial before going to bed.
Benefits: Most products are Paraben Free! Read about Parabens Click Here 
Non-benefits: The Enzyme Cleaning Gel and most of the face masks contain propylparaben or methylparaben.

This cleaners below contains no parabens.
Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser


Step 2: Taking photos of skin progress.

Morning Look


Waking up in the morning my skin felt good and I loved how Mario Seaweed Night Cream made my face feel.

Hair Regiment: 
I will be using the LOC Method (Liquid Oil Cream)
Check this website out Natural Hair Rules
Here are the products that I am using now.
100% Argon oil; shea butter leave in conditioner and curling liquid, then air dry.





Other morning dos… 

I would recommend if you want to try the Mario products to go to their website, do the skin analysis then try some of the products that they recommend based off of that test. They charge for shipping but give testers for free!

Here are the products that I was recommended, I got my results after I bought the kit.


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